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Hi, I'm Balázs, and EHE Apparel is my baby within Bonvion.

EHE Apparel is a Budapest-based Hungarian premium minimalist brand, made ethically and sustainable.

I and my team have been focusing on creating a brand that at first produces items that are wearable every day. The vision was to create unique hoodies and t-shirt.


And how are a t-shirt and a hoodie can be unique?

To the hoodies, we have decided to use one material only, instead of the standard two, so we create way less material waste. We have cropped the length of the sleeves because we all hated to roll up the sleeves of regular hoodies. Also, by cropping the length of the sleeves you can easily wear watches, bracelets, etc and they won't feel comfortable. We also have added the regular kangaroo front pocket to the hoodies, since we all loved it, and it is super practical. The other innovation was the super oversized hood part of the hoodie. Since we travel a lot and love to sleep on the road, we have decided to create a way bigger than a usual hood that can cover almost your whole face, so you can sleep in peace. Also, we haven't added any strings, since they are mostly useless and we don't want to create more material waste.

For the t-shirts we have decided to use a mixture of cotton and synthetic fiber, that is already made of recycled plastic. You can ask, why we have added plastic. The answer is super easy. To keep the t-shirt in shape for the longest possible time, we have had to use thicker than usual material and also added synthetic fabric, that lets the t-shirt keep its shape for years. Also, we have decided to crop the length and make a cropped-styled t-shirt, that we always wanted to find, but couldn't, so we have made it.

Both the t-shirts and the hoodies are available with a small embroidered beta EHE Apparel logo, that is also made in Budapest, Hungary.


How sustainable and ethical is EHE Apparel?

Our whole production is based in Budapest, Hungary. Also our office and stock office too. 
We have spent super long months to find the best manufacturer. We have ended up finding the best of the bests. Our manufacturer is a family-owned small business, that is led by the nicest and most creative women we have ever met. She and her team made our vision into reality and without her, we couldn't be able to create EHE Apparel. She employs people from many different backgrounds and treats them like family. The work conditions are way above the norms. We wanted to work with a local manufacturer who has experienced in creating premium and luxury brands and also provides the most ethical work conditions and salaries to her employees.
Also, our embroidery is made at a women-owned small family business on the outer side of Budapest.

EHE Apparel is under our biggest project, Bonvion. At Bonvion we are delivering orders in paper boxes, that are made of recycled paper, and also after getting your order, you can reuse it, or just simply compost it, since all our boxes are compostable. You just have to remove our branded tape, which is made of recycled plastic.


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